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Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine

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Our Analysis

The Concept2 Model E Indoor rowing machine is a pricey piece of home exercise equipment, but well worth it’s price tag. Not only is this machine built for years of use and designed to give people of all heights, weights, and age an excellent workout. It comes with a good warranty and getting parts for this machine when needed is relatively simple. Even users with knee joint and back problems find the height of the seat makes getting on and off the machine easy and simple.


This is an incredibly comfortable rower to use. It has a nice height seat, adjustable foot pedals to fit different foot sizes, several resistance levels and is easy for even beginners to use. In fact, rowing with this machine is so comfortable that new users tend to overdo their workouts on this machine unless they really time the amount of time they spend using it.

Workout Programs

While the Concept2 Model E rowing machine does not come with any onboard workout programs, it doesn’t really need any. However, beginners could benefit from watching some YouTube videos to ensure they have the correct form when using this machine.

Resistance Levels

The Concept2 Model E uses air resistance and has several different resistance levels so that you can choose how much resistance you need for your specific fitness level.


This rower comes with a impressive 5 year warranty


57” X 24” X 28” The footprint requirement for this rower is 9 feet by 4 feet

This model is designed to carry persons of 500 pounds or less.


Ratings and reviews for this rowing machine are outstanding. Most users find the sturdiness of this machine to be incredible with some users actually stating that this machine is built to last a lifetime. They find it easy to assemble and easy to use.

People who have been using this rower for a few months have stated that they have lost weight, increased their fitness levels, and firmed arm and leg muscles. They love the fact they can get a great low impact workout.


There really doesn’t seem to be many if any complaints about this indoor rower. People just feel it does everything it is made to do and does it exceptionally well.

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For those individuals who have the money to invest in their health and their exercise equipment to keep them fit, the Concept2 Model E indoor rowing machine to seems to be the machine of choice for those people who are looking for a rowing machine.