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We chose the ranking always according to existing technical flaws, missing functionality – always compared to other equipment in their class. This shows you directly the best equipment in its category. From there you can check the best or to 3 products and you can easily decide. Our help is to preselect, so that you don’t have to weed out dozens of machines in search of excellence and full featured and seamless functionality. The only thought you need is – as always – about your budget.

The lowest level shows complete equipment, without extras. So its just (!) sports and no “dubious” features like … say … a heart rate monitor ;o)

All the gear we tested are reliable and sturdy enough for daily exercise (if you like to). All the low quality machines we have left out of our review. Obviously the biggest thing is, that the rowing motion itself is not that similar to the rowing feeling on a lake, which is better in the higher price categories. But if you just want to stay in shape you don’t need a rower over 400 GBP. But if you want a machine with the latest gadgets – it’s always a little more expensive to “have it all”.


5.0 Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine


4.6 Mary Regatta Rowing Folding Machine


4.3 York Excel 310 Folding Rowing Machine


4.2 Body BR3010 Rower And Gym