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York Excel 310 Folding Rowing Machine

York 310 rower
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Our Analysis

The York Excel 310 Folding Rowing Machine is a reasonably priced rowing machine designed for home use. It has some nice features that a lot of home rowing machines don’t have such as 24 workout programs to help keep you motivated as well as 16 resistance levels so the rower can continue to be useful as your fitness levels improve. The 310 does appear to be reasonably sturdy.


With a large padded seat and nice sized padded foot pedals the York Excel folding rowing machine is a comfortable machine to use. The 113 cm or 44.5 inch trail length allows users the ability to take fairly long rowing strokes which is far more comfortable than being forced into taking short jerky strokes. The on the picture below, how nicely it can be folded and need very few storage space.

Workout Programs

This rowing machine comes with 24 workout programs including one that has graphics like you were taking part in a race. These programs not only helps to make the most out of the time you spend working out, it also makes working out more fun. There is also a fairly large monitor that keeps track of the time, SPM, Distance, calories burned and moreYork 310 rower_console

Trail Length

113 cm or 44.5”

Resistance Levels

The Excel 310 have 16 resistance levels, so this machine should provide a good workout for people.


This rower comes with a 1 year warranty, however, if you register with York fitness within 14 days of getting your machine you get a 2 year warranty.


176cm X 53cm X 81cm or 69.3” X 20.8” X32”

Its foreseen for user of 120kg (260) pounds or less.


Checking all availble reviews and doing tests on my own, we can say, that we found lots of features of this rower they like. Several users mentioned liking the nice big screen on this rower that kept them apprised of everything they needed to know while working out. They also liked the graphics built into the programs for this rower. Users also mentioned that the Excel 310 is quite easy to put together and folds up rather nicely.York 310 rower folded



Some users complained about some of the wires on this rower hanging down. Although these hanging wires did not affect the usefulness of this machine, it did make it look poorly put together. Customers also found that foot straps on the rower were less than robust with several of the users stating the straps broke after only a few uses.

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Overall the York Excel 310 appears to be a well made rowing machine suitable for home use. Customers seem to feel it meets their fitness needs quite well for a reasonable price.