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Treadmill Reviews

Treadmill Reviews uk – Best Treadmills with Comparisons | UK Treadmill Guide


We offers a number of reviews examining the features, pros, and cons of these treadmills. Read our
treadmill reviews before buying so you know what you are getting.

We review over some of the more popular brands and models of treadmills currently available. If you are looking into buying a treadmill and need some more information before you make your purchasing decision, then you are at great place to start. We have designed this website to offer you our perspective on these treadmills in the functionality, features, and performance departments.


The treadmill reviews we have provided take into account the functionality of each of these units. When functionality is mentioned, we are referring to the method of operation of that particular treadmill. Does the treadmill work as expected? Does the treadmill offer solutions to problems that may appear? Functionality is important in determining if the treadmill will suit your needs. Our treadmill reviews look at the functionality of each treadmill to ensure it can do what it says it can.

FeaturesConfidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Treadmill

Another important component of our treadmill reviews is whether the treadmill has features that are capable of enhancing your workout experience. Features that are common on a treadmill include items such as folding, digital display, or the number of programs you may find on a particular model. These features are important in helping the treadmill to maximize our workout without too much trouble on our part. Cup holders, reading racks, and transport wheels are additional features that are often included on these models. You may find that some of these features are “must-haves” while others are not so important. Our treadmill reviews will take a look at some of the more glaring features of each model to help you determine if this is the right piece of exercise equipment for you.


These treadmill reviews also look at the performance that each unit is capable of. When discussing performance we take into account durability, capacity, and “level of sweat”. These are three measuring sticks that can often help determine the quality of a treadmill. A treadmill that offers excellent performance can often be equated to a high quality machine. The higher the quality of treadmill, the more likely it will be a large part of your workout for many years. Getting the right performance out of a treadmill leads to a better workout and a sound investment. Read the best treadmill reviews available here to see which treadmills offer the best performance.


Price is an important factor when you are going to purchase a treadmill. You have to look at your budget as well as your fitness goals. It is critical, at most times to look beyond the price tag to the value represented by each model. The best treadmills are unfortunately expensive. Your judgement to strike a good balance between price, quality when you shop for a treadmill

Look for a treadmill that is built to last. It is important to go for a well built treadmill. Otherwise it will turn out to be more expensive in the long run. A poorly built treadmill requires regular servicing and repairs and upsets the fitness regime you want to follow. The problem is compounded if more than one family member is using the treadmill.

Our Aim:

We have reviewed lots of treadmills and we show them here by price category. Every category has its own pros and cons – which we discover step-by-step. We provide detailed, independent and unfiltered information. Our motto is to find you the best suitable fitness gear. If you are fully informed and convinced to buy – this will be our success.

Treadmills of the lowest price range have the best value for money. But they are barely equipped with useful features. Most of them concentrate just on the basic functionality. So useful equipment like a heart rate monitor would be an extra. The other disadvantage are the use of cheap parts in the manufacturing process. Those are not always foreseen to withstand the test of time. But in case we found something we either wrote a note or put down our evaluation (You can find those gear in the 3.x category)

Treadmill Reviews Uk
Treadmill Reviews Uk

We rated every machine (from 3.x to 5.0), so you can preselect by the highlighted figures. Afterwards you may check the independent review details, we put together, in the links below…


5.0 Proform Endurance M7

4.8 York Fitness Active 120

4.6 Life Fitness F3 Folding

4.5 Reebok ZR8 Treadmill

4.2 JLL S300 Digital Treadmill

3.7 Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Treadmill

Treadmill Reviews uk