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York Excel 310 Cross Trainer

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Our analysis

Yorks Excel 310 Cross Trainer shows a good performance and nice desing. It’s a very well manufatured machine, due to its flawles rotating 26 lb fly-wheel and outstandingly fine-tunable 32 magnetic resistance levels, while being reasonably priced. The use of the computer console is nearly self-explanatory and easy to read, even for the “ones with the stronger glasses”, like my buddy Gil.


In general

The elliptical machine was build following great craftsmenship, which you can see on various small details such as the dials at the ends of the stabilizer. It helps you adjust the stand on the floor very smoothly, so you don’t have to lift heavy, like on so many other machines of this class. Or the fact, that you don’t need any cable to operate it, when you step on the York Excel 310, you are actually producing the power the system needs (self generating system). Even if you like, or you have to change the position of this heavy machine – it’s easy, due to the rollers. York – in this business for over 75 years did a very good job with this Cross trainer.


You can set the York Excel quite fast, because the base unit and the fly-wheel housing come preassembled. So all in all only 6 steps in the easily understandable manual helps you to assemble the cross trainer quickly.

DisplayYork Excel 310 Cross_panel

Coming to the Computer console. This is really huge, with 5.75″. The display itself has a 2-color LCD and posh blue backlight. This dims the contrast a bit, but all displayed information have a comfortable read. The computer provides permanent information about pulse (via grip sensor) distance, time, speed, RPM and burned calories. Unfortunately there is no inbuilt heart rate monitor or BMI or body fat calculator, like other cross trainers have (but mostly the more expensive ones). But as a plus you get a fitness level meter, which measures your heart rate for 1 minute countdown and rates your fitness level as recovery time after a workout. With this feature you can see even slight improvement over the weeks and month of your workout.


The York Excel is also sturdy enough (due to metal frame) and solid, high-value parts (no cheap or thin plastic) for more than 1 user, and can cope with the strain of daily use.

Workout programs

York provides 12 workout programs, which is more or less the usual amount in this class. But you can customize them and you will get a great variety of your workouts. Nothing is better than having a longterm interesting workout program. The pulse measuring grip sensor operates quick and gives good feedback to keep the intensity within your favoured heart rate zone. Built in are 3 of this heart rate driven programs (55%, 75% and 90%, and 1 you can set your on percentage level). As comfortable as this built in heart rate monotir is – while testing this it came into my mind, that I sometimes use 2 guest towels for my sweaty palms *hmm*, so I had to choose. In this case a wireless receiver would be a nice feature, which doesn’t cost much. The other idea some of my friends had, is to train the upper body with “heavy hands” (small dumb-bells). In this case a wireless sensor would also be nice to have.

Stride length

has a comfortable length of 16″, which is enough for people of “normal” body height, but a little short for people over 6 feet, but we couldn’t find any compalints – rather negative feedback about a comfortable feeling. So York found a good balance between stride length and hight of the pedals, that it fits comfortable even for tall users. In contrast to that, there are many other comparable machines in this price range, which have short strides and cause tall people uncomfortable feeling while doing their workouts. To sum it up – most of all users are happy with a stride length like this.

Resistance Levels

are outstandingly tuneable, with near endless 32 magnetic resistance levels. They can be adjusted easily and the system reacts so smooth that you can’t feel a change between each level. With such an amount of variety even the worst couch potato can start training and makes good improvement along the way. For the better trained user – you can increase the  level, which only you muscle will feel (during workout). Because of this, you can improve nearly seamless and you don’t get so easily exhausted (or demotivated?) like on the other elliptical machines, where the switch of a resistance level squeezes your energy level hard.


York gives 2 years of warranty, but be aware – you must register your York 310 Cross trainer within 14 days to get the 2nd year. If you miss it, you have just 1 year !!


LxWxH: 51.2”x 24.8” x 158cm

Maximum User Weight: 286 lb / > 20 stone / 130kg

Pros(+)/Cons(-) Overview

(+) high quality, sturdy (for people of approx. 280 lb), well budgeted machine

(+) smooth 32 magnetic resistance levels

(+) energy self generating (no cables needed)

(+) Heavy flywheel – good for smooth motion

(+) Built in fitness level test


(-) Pulse measurement only on hand grip (no wireless receiver)

(-) Strides could be too short for taller users


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