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Mountain Bike

In the warm spring or summer most of the people want o enjoy the sun and leave there gym or stop their exercises at home. For some of them its a releave to concentrate now on the long Barbequeue-season. So they put some weight on which makes lots of them angry. The best to combine both activities – not the BBQ and the beer of course – but enjoy the warm weather and still work out is …. using a bike. Much better would be establish regular biking as a habit.

If you like to be a little outside the know path you should try mountain or trail biking to become/keep fit. With the use of one of these mountain bikes you are able to see places, that no other “ordinary hiker” has seen before. Feel the adventure, when you drive through the forest or near the beach – enjoy the warm wind and the smell of fresh air all around you. Doesn’t this feel great ? That is one of the reasons, why we tested and review the best “value for money” mountain bikes.