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Here you see all the home gyms which we reviewed, and which can be recommended by us – in an overview.

  1. Space is the biggest delimiter. In case you want to workout, but you don’t have much space, please check our review of the fold able Bowflex PR1000.
  2. Another important issue – if the station should be used by more than one person. In this case you should concentrate on home gyms with as many stations as possible. The most frustrating thing is, if your “station of choice” is occupied. I mean you know that feeling from gym visits anyway.
  3. In case your fitness goals are more focused on loose weight and tone your physique you should prefer kettle bells. Or if you just want to work on your lat, arm and shoulders, you should consider buying a lat pulldown machine or maybe a chin-up door bar can also be sufficient – before buying a big and expensive home gym.