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Octane Q35C Elliptical Review

Octane Q35C Elliptical

Construction Quality- 4

Comfort- 4 ½

Technological features- 3

Workout Programs- 3 ½



Our Analysis

The Octane Q 35C is a basic entry level elliptical that is ideal for those who are just starting to get fit, or at least to build their own home gym and want a durable exercise machine that is easy to use to help burn calories or increase stamina or fitness levels. Despite the fact that this is a basic elliptical it is well built and extremely functional. Although the the cross trainer only contains 8 workouts it does have 20 resistance levels which allows this machine to grow with you. It has a good stride length and is designed to work out the core as well as the legs.


This elliptical is actually quite comfortable as the pedals are closely spaced to help keep your taking those steps naturally, it also glides smoothly and has a nice long 20.5 stride length that allows you to feel like your running. The machine itself is extremely stable which allows you to exercise without feeling as though the machine will tip over or start walking across the floor no matter how intense your workout becomes.

Workout Programs

While there are only 8 workout programs that come with this elliptical, but those workouts can be somewhat challenging since they include a cross circuit workout as well as adjustable goal workouts.

Resistance Levels


Stride Length



5 years on parts and 2 years on labor


66cm X 166cm

Weight Capacity

This elliptical is designed for people weighing 300 pounds or less


Reviews for the Octane Q35C Elliptical are exceptionally good with users finding a lot about this elliptical they really like. For starters assembling this machine isn’t very difficult and most users have little time assembling it. They also like the small footprint of this machine. Operations is stable and extremely smooth and people love the fact that this machine allows to workout both their upper and lower body. This machine provides a good low impact workout for people of all ages.


There really aren’t any major complaints regarding this elliptical although some users wish their was a regular heart rate monitor and that the console had more than the basic features.

While the Octane Q 35C Elliptical may not be geared for everyone, it is the ideal machine for those who have limited space and want to get started on losing weight and improving their overall fitness.