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York B530 Heavy Duty Incline/Decline Bench

York B530 Heavy Duty Bench
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Our Analysis

The York B530 Heavy Duty Incline/Decline bench is a great weight bench for those home users who want to do strength training at home. One of the few home exercise benches designed to decline the back rest has 4 adjustable positions, the seat also can be adjusted at 3 different heights. The bench has nice heavy duty uprights as well. It should be noted that this is just the workout bench and weights must be purchased separately.


For the most part, users find the York B530 fairly comfortable, although they do feel that the spacing of the uprights may be a bit off, and that there is no support for to hold the ankles when the bench is in decline position.

Workout Programs

There are no dedicated workout programs that comes with this weight bench.

Resistance Levels

The amount of resistance you can get when using this bench will be dependent on the weights you use.


2 years on parts and labor


165cm X 72cm X 123cm

The bench is designed for users weighing 200kg or 440 pounds.


Reviews and ratings for the York B530 are good. Users find that the bench comes well packaged with all of the pieces included. Set up is relatively easy and straightforward even for those who find assembling things by directions difficult. One the bench is set up users find it solid and sturdy making them feel safe when lifting weights.

Users also find the cushioning on the bench comfortable with enough padding to bear their weight and the weight of the of weights they are lifting. They state the the upright bars can hold heavy enough weights to suit their strength training needs and the upright bars themselves are sturdy and hold firm when lifting weights off and setting them back on the bars.


Some users do complain that the upright supports are not placed properly and makes grabbing the weight awarkward. The uprights spacing is where most people place their hands when lifting, forcing them to move their hands closer to one another than is comfortable when lifting the weights off the uprights.

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Overall, users like the fact that that this bench both inclines and declines and feel that it is a sturdy and solid bench able to allow them to get in some strength training at home.