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GoFit Exercise Ball

Go Fit Exercise Ball
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Our Analysis

The GoFit Exercise ball is a well made stability ball that comes in a range of 3 sizes and has a soft plastic shell that makes it more durable than many of the other stability balls on the market. The ball comes with it’s inflation pump and an exercise poster so that you do get everything you need to get the ball up and running and get started on improving your fitness using this ball.


This ball is exceedingly comfortable both for using an office chair and while working out. The fact that you can purchase the ball in a size that is right for you makes it possible for just about anyone to use the go fit ball. The high weight capacity also makes it possible to use this ball with weights and other exercise equipment without worrying about going beyond the balls weight capacity.

Workout Programs

While there are no dedicated workout videos that come with this stability ball, there are videos available to purchase and the ball does come with an exercise poster you can use to design your own workout.


The ball comes with a 90 day manufacturers warranty, which doesn’t really give you confidence that this company stands by their product


55cm, 65cm, and 75cm

max. weight capacity 1000 lbs


Comes with foot pump and exercise poster


Reviews for the Go Fit Exercise ball are extremely good with users liking the fact that this ball comes with a foot pump and exercise poster. Most users find this stablility ball sturdy and comfortable to use and while they do say it takes some time to get use to when using it in place of an office chair they find it is both good for their core strength and for people with back pain.

Most of the users also prefer the foot pump to those older hand pumps for pumping up the ball. They also feel that while it may take a couple of days to get the air fill where they want they do like the fact that this ball holds air well and only needs the occasional touch up.


There aren’t many complaints about the Go Fit exercise ball itself, but there are several complaints about the accompanying pump. However, a couple of users did say the ball burst shortly after purchase.


The Go Fit Exercise ball is a good way to strength your core and help to increase your stamina and fitness.