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GoFit 20-pound Unisex Weighted Vest

GoFit 20 pound weighted vest
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Our Analysis

The GoFit 20-pound unisex weighted vest (black) is perfect for taking your exercise up a notch as you can add up to 20 pounds of resistance to just about any workout you do, from simple walking, to those stair climbers and more. The vest is designed to fit most individuals and the removable weights make it highly versatile. The vest itself fit over the head and has Velcro straps on the side to fit it to your particular shape. The straps themselves do not appear to be as well made as the vest and may need to be reinforced before using this vest on a regular basis. There is also no warranty for this vest to be found.


People with weak shoulders, knee, or ankle joints may find this vest exceedingly uncomfortable to wear because this vest adds 20 pounds to your frame which will weigh on those joints. People in good physical health, may need to get use to this vest, and start with only a few pounds of weight and add more as they become fitter, but should find the vest comfortable overall.

Workout Programs

This weighted vest is to be used with whatever workout programs you are now using and therefore comes does not come with any workout programs on it’s own.


24 pockets each with a ¾ pound weight weight provides you with up to 20 pounds of resistance.


No where could we find any warranty for the Go Fit 20 pound weighted vest


One size fits all

Weight Capacity



The Go Fit 20 pound weighted vest gets good reviews and ratings with most consumers who purchasing this vest finding it useful. Users like the fact that the weights can be removed in order for the vest to be washed or if you need less than 20 pounds of weight for resistance when working out. They also like the fact that this vest is one side fits all and they adjust the fit by tightening the straps on the sides. Using this vest improved users endurance and core strength.


There are some things about this weighted vest that users don’t like. Several users stated that the Velcro straps used to adjust the vest rip within weeks or months of purchasing the vest, making is swing when you wear it when working out. Users also state that much of the weight is around the back which makes it difficult for use with people with back problems.


The Go Fit weight vest is an easy and simple way to add resistance to your daily exercise or simple house hold chores which means you can workout even when not working out.