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Dumbbell Reviews

Here we have our „collection“ of adjustable dumbbell reviews. Those dumbbells gain lots of popularity in recent years, because they are: compact, durable, easy to use, flexible, quick to adjust. You can also buy a vast collection of 20 dumbbells, with 4 pounds didderence and a stand etc. – everything will eat up space in your home. And you have to consider also the following:

  1. Brand: Bowflex and Powerblock are still ahead of all the rest, concerning durability and design. You have to consider, what you want and really need.
  2. Concerning your fitness goal, you can select how much weight you need. If you are more advanced (easy handle the 50 pounds barbell) you should consider to buy individual dubbells – not adjustables.
  3. In case you want to exercise with your dumbbells every single day, it is easier to handle preconfigured dumbbells, than adjusting the dumbbells 20 times during the workout.