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Beach Body P90X Tony Horton’s 90 Day Extreme Home FitnessWorkout

Beach Body P90X Tony Horton’s 90 Day Extreme Home FitnessWorkout

P90X Tony Horton
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This Beach Body P90X Tony Horton’s 90 day Extreme Home Fitness Workout program is a full body workout plan to help improve your overall condition and shape. This program will help you to lose weight, build muscle and improve your stamina.

What Comes with This Program?

When your purchase this program you get many different things to help you improve your overall fitness including:

  • 12 workout DVD’s
  • Nutrition plans
  • Supplemental options
  • Charts

Equipment Needed

You will need additional equipment when using these DVD’s. Additional DVDs includes a pull up bar, yoga mats, yoga blocks, heart monitor, resistant bands and dumb bells.

Beginning Fitness Level

This workout is not designed for those just starting a fitness program, but requires you to be at least moderately fit before starting this program. You also will need to be really committed to this program in order for it to work.

Amount of Time Needed for This Program

You need to be able to devote about an hour per day in order to complete this program in 90 days.


Customer Reviews for the Beach Body P90X Tony Horton’s 90 day extreme home fitness workout are extremely good with most users getting a lot of benefit from this program including:

  • Most reviews state that although this workout is difficult it really does whip you into shape helping you to shed pounds, build muscle, and increase your fitness levels.
  • Users like that this program offers cardio, strength training, and increases your overall fitness levels.
  • Users really find the nutrition guide to handy and helpful in improving your overall health and fitness.
  • Users feel that this program also helps them feel more energized after a workout.
  • You can modify the workouts to better meet your current fitness level while still being able to challenge yourself.
  • Tony Horton is extremely encouraging and motivating.


Although the reviews for this DVD home fitness program are extremely good there are a few complaints that users have regarding this workout program including:

  • While some UK users find this program works well in their region, others state that they don’t work well.
  • Many of the lower body workouts are high impact, so may not be suitable for people with joint problems.


While this Beach Body P90X workout is not for everyone it can be a great alternative to spending an hour a day at the gym or paying for a personal trainer in order to increase your fitness levels. As long as you are of moderate fitness and have the time and the ability to commit to this fitness program then this workout may be extremely beneficial to you.

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