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York B540 Heavy Duty 2in1 Bench and Squat Stand

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 Our Analysis

The York B540 Heavy Duty 2 in 1 bench and squat stand is a well made and sturdy bench that allows the users the option of doing squats with weights. It has 5 backrest settings including an decline setting which is somewhat rare in home workout benches. It has storage space for extra weight plates and comes with a 2 year warranty for parts or labor. However, potential consumers do keep in mind that taller individuals (those 6 feet and over) may find this bench is somewhat difficult for them use as their feet tend to drag the floor when doing leg exercises and the backrest is not long enough for longer bodies to fit comfortably. However, slightly shorter users may be find that this bench is ideal as it folds up easily for storage making it good for those with limited space.


Just how comfortable this workout bench will depend on the individual using the bench. For those users who are 6 feet or under this bench seems to offer more comfort than it does for taller individuals. While backrest is well padded it is simply to short for longer bodied individuals.

Workout Programs

This is a weight bench and therefore does not come with any dedicated workout programs, nor is any needed.

Resistance Levels

The amount of resistance an individual may have when working out will depend on the weights they use as well as their own weight as this bench is designed for 250kg including the user weight.


2 Years on Parts and Labor


148cm X 86cm X 196cm

It  was built to hold 250kg or 551 pounds including weights and user weight


York B540 Heavy Duty 2 In Bench_folded
Bench can be folded like this

Reviews for the York B540 Heavy duty 2 in 1 bench and squat stand are good. Most users find this bench to be of excellent quality and extremely sturdy and stable. It is easy to assemble and does fold up so that it can be stored when not in use.

Most users who are 6 foot under find that this bench fits their needs extremely well, allowing them to get strength train at home easily and safely.


Those users over 6 feet tall state that this bench is designed for people who are 6 feet tall or under. Stating that the back bench does not support taller people adequately. Some users also feel that the upright posts are too close together for comfortable lifting of weights and the majority of users found the squat rack too low to be of any real use.

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Overall the York B540 bench and squat stand is a durable and sturdy piece of equipment best suited to those people who are under 6 feet tall.

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