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York Active 120 Treadmill

York Active 120 Treadmill
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Our Analysis

The York Active 120 Treadmill is a well made treadmill that has 13 built in exercise programs as well as adjustable speed and incline. This allow users to have various workout options and to allow users to continue using this treadmill as their fitness levels increases. We do wish that the company would have given a little more information regarding this piece of exercise equipment. While it does give the running area, it does not potential customers what the overall dimensions are so that they can make sure that they have the space for this teadmill. There also appears to be no warranty information available.


The adjustable speeds and incline on this treadmill is designed for people to work out at their own comfort level.

Workout Programsyorkactive120_console

The York Active 120 Treadmill comes with 13 built in workout programs as well as hand pulse sensors as well as handlebar speed and incline controls. All this is controlled by a panel, which is easy to read and isn’t a problem to understand. We found every feature of the treadmill without searching in the manual – mostly self explanatory. The (small) problem is, as always, that we don’t have a wireless receiver, but a hand pulse sensor. So you can’t open your grip without losing the signal …

Running Area

The running area of this tread mill is 120cm X 41cm

Incline Levels

The incline levels run from 1-16km


There seems to be no information regarding the warranty on this treadmill even on Yorkfitness com – their own website


Designed for people weighing 110kg or 242 pounds or less.

The manufaturer states, that it’s best to be used by people 85kg or less.


Users really like this treadmill and give it good ratings and reviews. Users really like the fact that this treadmill comes mostly assembled so that it doesn’t take long to finish assembling the treadmill and have it ready to use. They also find it quite sturdy and easy to use. Another aspect becomes important, when you don’t have enough space in your home- and who has? The York Active 120 treadmill can be folded – see the picture on the right :

Users find the adjustable incline levels and the built in the programs are extremely helpful in providing them with a good workout and improving their fitness levels.


Users did not give this treadmill any low ratings, however some users felt that the workout programs were less than helpful for their fitness goals and several users stated that that hand pulse sensor simply doesn’t work well.

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While this treadmill isn’t perfect, users find that it meets most of their fitnessness needs well and is sturdy enough to use on a regular basis.