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Marcy Regatta Rowing Folding Machine

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Our Analysis

The Marcy Regatta rowing folding machine is a mid-price rower that is designed specifically for home use and therefore simply does have the build quality of those rowers you find at a dedicated gym. However, overall, with the exception of the handle strap which has a tendency to break, this is a well designed rower that should meet the needs of those people who are who are new to fitness training or are of immediate fitness levels. While it does have several resistance levels, the actual resistance at the highest level simply isn’t enough to really meet the needs of those individuals who take physical fitness seriously and are looking for a challenging machine for home use.Marcy-regatta_folded


This rower does have a nice comfortable padded seat Marcy-regatta_seat

and adequate size pedals to place your feet, making it comfortable to use as opposed to many other rowing machines.Marcy-regatta_rest

Workout Programs

This rowing machine comes with an LCD screen that shows you time, speed, distance, calories burned, stroke count, and strokes per minute which allows you to create your workout programs to meet your specific goals or needs. It does not however come with any pre-programmed workout programs or even a DVD showing different workout programs you can use with this machine.Marcy-regatta_panel

Resistance Levels

The Marcy Regatta rowing machine comes with 8 resistance levels that can be set based on your fitness level and needs.


This rower comes with a 1 year warranty on parts


183cm X 56cm X 78cm

Folded it is 93cm X 56cm X 150cm

Mary regatta rowing machine is designed for users up to 17.3 stone or 242 pounds


Reviews for the Marcy Regatta rowing machine are good with most consumers being pleased with their purchase. User find this rower extremely easy to assemble and state that the directions are easy to follow. They also like the 8 resistance levels, stating that as their fitness improves this rowing can provide them with further challenges and good workout. Last of all, several users mentioned that this rower is actually quite comfortable making them more likely to use it consistently.


Despite all the positive reviews, users do offer a couple of legitimate complaints regarding this rower. The first is that strap connected to the handle tends to let go and snap into the machine when it can’t be retrieved and rendering the rower completely useless.

The other complaint is somewhat less serious, as it only applies to people who are already really healthy and fit. These people find this rower can’t give them a challenging enough workout.

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Overall, the Marcy Regatta rowing machine is a fairly good buy for those people just starting their fitness journey or who are of immediate strength and fitness. However, you might want to find a way to reinforce the strap the connects the handle of rower to keep it from breaking or letting go.