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Life Fitness F3 Folding Treadmill with Go Console

Life Fitness F3 Go _side
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Our Analysis

We find the Life Fitness F3 Folding Treadmill with Go Console is a well designed and durable treadmill with some nice extras such as cup holders and the ability to listen to music as you workout. It comes with some handy built in workout programs and an excellent warranty. The running deck is bit short for taller people, however it is reasonable for home use as most homes simply don’t have the space for a commercial treadmill with a large deck.


ComfortLife Fitness F3 Go _folded

This treadmill is extremely low impact (30% less than other treadmills) and comes with dual cup holders a reading rack and the ability to listen to music while working out, which all adds to the comfort of using this machine. We all know that space in our homes is always limited, so if you need more space the Life Fitness F3 can easily be folded. As you can see on the right :


Life Fitness F3 Go _consoleWorkout Programs / Diplay

This Life Fitness treadmill comes with 13 fitness programs, monitors pulse rate, calories burned and more. Everything is well-arranged on an easy readable display.


Running surface

The running surface is great for walking, but is a little short for taller people to start running. It is 55 inches or 51cm



The incline goes up in 0.5% increments. Due to the fine-tunable dial, you didn’t feel the increase  and this lets you keeps your stamina (increases are so small, it can’t be realized as an additional strain) .



10 years on motor, 5 years on electric and mechanical parts, 3 years on console and 1 year on labor



78.5” X 34.5” X 38.5” (or 200cm X 88cm X 149cm)

The Life Fitness F3 is designed for people of a maximum weight of 159kg or 350 pounds or less



There aren’t a great deal of reviews for the Life Fitness F3 folding treadmill, but the ones that are available are exceptionally good. Users feel that this is an exceptionally well built treadmill with one reviewer having owned this treadmill for over 2 years without any problems. Users also felt that this treadmill gave them a good workout and had some nice additional features like the cup holders to make exercising a bit more comfortable.



While there were no real complaints about this treadmill, users did feel that the computer was less than well functioning and not really accurate. However, this seems to be something that is common to many different types of home workout equipment. While users find the information given by this displays are helpful when accurate, they would much rather have a well built machine that holds up to daily use than a poor functioning machine with a good computer.

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The Life Fitness F3 Go folding treadmill is a well made and sturdy treadmill that is ideal suited to home use.