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Kettler Unix PX Cross Trainer Review

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Our Analysis

The newly developed Crosstrainer Kettler UNIX PX replaces the older model UNIX P (from 2010/2011). Same as the old model, the successor has the so called Kettler Extended Motion Technologier (= EXT). All Kettler ellipticals, which have this technology, are equipped with an additional joint on the rear drive unit.
The advantage of this extra joint causes simultaneous extension and this causes a flattening of the elliptical motion. The UNIX PX has a step length of 48 cm and an ellipse height of only 14 cm.

Kettler Unix PX_EXT
The reason for all this effort is to create a (similar) walking motion. The main advantage of this is the very flat movement . In case you have problems with knees, it prevents to bent them (fully) while training on the UNIX PX. Often times when you have problems with your knees, there are some limitations of the hips, too. This technology helps you on that. Also (hock) loads on joints and spine are reduced. For these reasons, the EXT is recommended especially for people with health problems, which can’t work out on regular ellipticals.
Especially when you need phyin the intervertebral disc or knee area.


While the Unix PX has a smooth glide and an ergonomic footpath, it has also a very long stride (19″) that makes even tall persons feel comfortable. With normal stride length of medium height people (around 16″) ordinary cross trainer will make many people feel as they are taking baby steps. But not with the new Kettler Unix PX. In case you need big shoes for your feet, the foot plates are also big enough for you – they are largely-dimensioned (21″).

The UNIX PX has a high quality and smooth-running drive system. The 20 kg flywheel system of UNIX PX ensures an even and smooth rotation. 15 computer-controlled resistance levels provides the motor driven magnetic brake system. The stress levels can be set manually using the +/- control keys on the UNIX PX training computer. During profile or heart rate controlled programs pedaling resistance training is computer controlled. Here, the training computer of the UNIX PX adjusts the exposure level of each load profile or heart rate targets smoothly. The pulse measurement is carried out either by ear clip (included), hand pulse (included) or by chest strap (optional accessory). The main advantage here – you have you hands free – that means you don’t have to tough the metal sensor on the stride the whole time and you can vary your grip. Moreover the most convenient and accurate method to measure the pulse is measurement by chest strap.

Workout Programs

The Kettler UNIX PX training computer has a large, adjustable 3-color (bluish) LCD display window, which is good to read. All relevant training data are shown easily readable. The training computer has 8 training programs including heart rate control and many other settings. A detailed list is in points “Training Computer Crosstrainer Kettler UNIX PX” and “training programs Crosstrainer Kettler UNIX PXto find.

The programs in detail:

1. P1  „Fitness-Starter I“: Level 1-4 (Duration 27 min.)
2. P2
„Fitness-Starter II“: Level 1-5 (Durtation 30 min)
P3 „Advanced Level I“: Level 1-6 (Durtation 36 min.)
P4 „Advanced Level II“: Level 1-7 (Durtation 38 min.)
5. P5
„Professional I“: Level 1-9 (Durtation 36 min.)
6. P6
„Professional II“: Level  1-10 (Durtation 44 min.)
7.+8. Two
pulse-driven programms (Regulation of strain depends on target pulse level)

Kettler Unix PX_panel


This cross trainer comes with a fair 3 year warranty on parts and labor


144cm X 56cm X 152 cm

designed for people weighing around 150kg / 330 pounds or less


Users purchased the Unix PX mainly for it’s incredible build quality, which makes sense if you are looking to shed some weight and want to get fit. The main reason, why people buy especially this equipment is, that they want to stay/become fit because of knee or hip injuries. Besides that the users who bought the Kettler PX also enjoy the smooth operation of this cross trainer as well.


  Here you will find more description, details and discounts >>> Kettler Unix PX Cross Trainer


The main complaint with this cross trainer is that the number of workout programs is severely limited to 8, when compared to other cross trainers in this price range. So in case your goal is a fitness career, this equipment doesn’t offer you enough variety. For the ordinary user, the 5 resistance levels in combination with the 8 programs, this is more than enough. Unfortunately the chest strap is not included (a cheap one will do, because the receiver is not coded), but it comes with an  ear clip.

Overall, while this is a well built cross trainer it doesn’t have any severe limitations, that will make it practical for only a small number of users. In case you have limitiations due to hip or joints, this is the best machine for you .
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