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Kettler P Cross Programmable Elliptical Trainer


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Our Analysis

The Kettler Cross P (Premium) Cross Trainer is a sturdy and well built machine that is designed to give users a great workout with 12 training programs to choose from and 16 resistance levels that can meet your growing fitness needs. It even comes with a 3 year warranty on parts of labor which makes this affordable cross trainer even more affordable to own, since any repairs that may be needed down the road should be taken care of.


While the Cross P. should be quite comfortable to use for those people slightly below average to slightly above average, it really isn’t suitable for taller individuals who have more than a 16” stride. Additionally you can easily move the elliptical trainer with small build-in wheels.

Workout Programs

With 12 workout programs to choose from the Kettler Cross P should have a program to meet most users needs. It also has a big and easy to read onboard computer display, which is an (actually) grey&white LCD monitor. It tracks heart rate, distance and speed and has a visual alarm that alerts you when you have reached your maximum heart rate.

Kettler Axos P Cross_console

Stride Length

The Stride length is approximately 16”

Resistance Levels

With 16 different resistance levels the Cross P Premium trainer should offer a good cardio workout for most users. The amount of resistance doesn’t make it to easy to “out-train” the gear too soon, so you can use the elliptical for years.


3 years on parts and labor


132cm X 62cm X 169cm” or 59”X 27” X 66”

user weight should be less than 20.5 stones, 130kg, or 287 pounds


There doesn’t seem to be very many customer reviews for this specific Cross Trainer anywhere to be found. However, those that are available are quite positive with the majority of users being impressed with with this cross trainer overall.

Users feel that this machine does take to assemble and is quite heavy which only seems to add it’s stability. The majority of customers who purchase this cross trainer also feels that this equipment is well made and allows them to get a good workout.


Some users did find the weight of this machine to be a problem and complained about the amount of time it took to assemble. A couple of users also found that this machine had a poor pulse sensor.

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While there are not many customer reviews for the Kettler Cross P Premium cross Trainer, the ones that are available are quite positive. In addition, when you take a look at other cross trainers in the Kettler line most seem to get positive reviews which is encouraging when purchasing this product.