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JLL D100 Treadmill with Digital Motor Technology

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Our Analysis

The JLL D100 Treadmill with digital motor technology is a reasonably price and sturdy treadmill that is designed to give users a low impact workout to help them increase or maintain their fitness levels or to shed some of those excess pounds. While it does have a narrower running deck than those treadmills you find in most gyms it is still an effective and highly functional treadmill for home use, with plenty of features to make working out more convenient and comfortable. It comes with a powerful little motor, and a variety of different running programs that should help you from getting bored.

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This treadmill offers users some nice features that makes working out more comfortable and convenient. The treadmill comes equipped with speakers, as well as Ipod/MP3/IPhone connectivity, making it possible to listen to music as well as chat with friends, or talk business while working out.

Workout Programs

The JLL D100 comes with 10 built in running programs as well as 3 programs for customizing your own workouts.

JLL D100 treadmill_panel

Incline Levels

This treadmill only comes with 1 level manual incline


The warranty on this treadmill is lifetime on the frame, 5 years on the motor, and 2 years on parts and labor.


165cm X 70cm X 130cm the deck dimensions are 115cm X 40cm

It’s designed for users who weight 120 kg or less.


Reviews for the JLL D100 Treadmill are quite positive. Users find that this treadmill is easy to put together with most people completing assembly somewhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Once assembled this treadmill offers a sturdy build and quiet operation. Most users find that this treadmill works equally well for both walking and running and several users mentioned that they shed a few pounds within a short period of time.

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JLL D100 Treadmill with Digital Motor Technology


There are a few complaints regarding the JLL D100 treadmill. Some users find that the running deck is a little too narrow to be comfortable for them to use. In addition, some users find that belt tends to slip occasionally making them feel less secure.

Overall, the JLL D100 treadmill with digital motor technology is a treadmill that is well worth considering for the vast majority of people who are looking for a way to shed some pounds or improve their fitness in the comfort of their own home.