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Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Treadmill


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Our Analysis

The Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Treadmill is a budget priced treadmill designed for those people on a budget. Unfortunately cutting costs to consumers means that this treadmill won’t be as sturdy or have the features of a higher end treadmill. The frame of this treadmill is made of lightweight material which makes it easy to move, but less likely to withstand the beating that daily running for fitness will give it. Although this treadmill is not overly sturdy and does not a lot of technological features, it does have a nice selection of workout programs.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find any warranty mentioned for this treadmill (as this seems more or lesstypical for Confidence), but considering the price point, the warranty probably isn’t going to be impressive.



This treadmill will probably be comfortable for those who want to walk to get in a little exercise, but it has no cushioned deck and may not be ideal for running. In case you need the space in your “training room” for anything, the GTR can be folded and stored away easily.

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Workout Programs

The Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized treadmill comes with 12 workout programs which is enough to give most beginners a variety of different workouts to choose from.Confidence Power Pro_panel

Incline Levels

3 different incline levels


There is not warranty to be found for this treadmill.


132cm X 64cm X 132cm

The confidence GTR is designed for users weighing 120 kg or less


Reviews for this treadmill is only slightly above average, which is about what one can expect from a treadmill in this price range. Users find this treadmill easy to assemble and lightweight. Some users like the weight of this treadmill stating that it makes the treadmill easy to move when the need arises. Users also like that this treadmill folds up into a compact form for easy storage. The controls are easy to operate, and users find that it is quite easy to assemble.

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There aren’t a lot of complaints regarding this treadmill. Most users who purchased this treadmill did their research prior to purchasing and knew what they were getting and were therefore not disappointed in the fact that this is a simple basic treadmill. Taller users find that this treadmill’s deck is too short to allow them to run on it comfortably and the handlebars are way to low for comfortable use.

While it is clear that there are much better and sturdier treadmills available, this treadmill may suitable to people on budget who simply want to walk their way to fitness.